Shire Hall Beach

9 Dec



Maliba Lodge

30 Sep

Arrived safe and sound at the Mountain Lodge Maliba in the beautiful kingdom of Lesotho. We are above the tree line here and the peaks of the mountains are covered in snow. Quite breath taking. Oh it really does take your breath away walking up some of those inclines. We start work tomorrow at the local Community Secondary School.


9 Sep

Wow! We have only made it to Perth  and we are already shattered. It’s about midnight Melbourne time and we have another hour to wait until we board our flight to Johannesburg.Oh dear! Will we be ready to start teaching first thing Monday morning? Might have to call in sick. That would be really disappointing.

Excitement and Apprehension

8 Sep

Adventures await us in Lesotho. Jude and I sit a little nervously at Tullamarine airport in Melbourne waiting to board the first leg of the journey. We wil be in Lesotho tomorrow morning at 6am, about 21 hours from now. The people from Maliba Lodge have made sure we know they meet us in Johannesburg and drive us south into Lesotho and to the lodge. Still trying to work out how to pronounce the name of the national park that the lodge is situated in. When I work it out I’ll let you know.


Excitement and Trepidation

8 Sep

Waiting calmly at the airport. Well that is what I hope it looks like from the outside.